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Stop doubt dead in its tracks. There are elements in life and in business that keep us from moving forward. The purpose of doubt is to trick you into questioning your identity, into questioning your destiny. 


Kill your doubt, kill your fear with belief. Belief is action, and stops fear. 

What do you do when doubt creeps into your life? Do you confront doubt with truth or do you accept it?

The purpose of doubt is to destroy your destiny, because it re-positions your mind to evaluate your circumstances not from a belief centered on strength, on truth, on success, but rather from a belief that is centered on fear and on failure.

Doubt lives only where we make space for it to flourish in our life. It’s a weed. It doesn’t need much to grow and thrive. But it’s also a shallow-rooted weed. It’s pulled out easily when confronted with truth.

Doubt avoids reality because it makes up stories in your mind that only work to feed your fear, to feed your emotion.

Truth is the only way to confront reality. Truth’s proper response is concern. Concern is firmly rooted in reality and it carefully considers a situation from multiple points of view, rather than just one, like doubt.

Concern validates fear without accepting it. Doubt accepts fear without validating it.

Answer doubt with truth. When you feel doubt begin to creep up on you, answer that doubt with truth. Once you’ve answered with truth, take another look at your situation or your company and ask yourself, what are the needle moving activities that I can do right now to work my out of the place that I am in. 

Where you are right now, whether good or bad, is only temporary. The places you will go depend entirely on you. 

Doubt is default. Life is too precious, too exhilarating, to live by default.

It’s time for you to Live by Design.  


– Everyone Needs a Mentor – 

Even me.

We’ve learned the immense value of having someone in your life you can turn to for guidance, who has an outside perspective combined with a healthy dose of wisdom, working together to produce results. 

The greatest periods of growth we’ve ever experienced in our professional lives was when we got teachable and placed ourselves in the care of a mentor.  

Here’s the way we roll – practical guidance based on life experience and application, not textbook nonsense. 

Books are great. We read a lot of them, but there’s a world of difference between theory and practice. Sometimes you just need a coach who can come along side you, and help you create the plan you need. 

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not doing your work for you. 

We will come along and provide the guidance you need by asking you the critical questions: what are you doing, how are you doing it, why are you doing it that way, and how can you improve it. 

No one understands your business as well as you do. We work to draw what you know about yourself and your company to the surface so your path becomes obvious to you.  


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